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Jane Osborne

Spiritualist Jane is the UK’s Leading Past Life Regressionist.
She travels to the country helping people discover their past to help them deal with their lives today.

Jane Osborne

Jane Osborne

To better promote her services

Jane also sells various items in her shop and the site helps market them to her client base.

Jane Osborne


Jane Osborne




Jane Osborne

The Challenge

Although Jane has built up a loyal following over the years, she needed a base from which to keep her current, past and potential clients updated about her services via a newsletter. She also has items she sells at various spiritualist shows that she attends around the country. She wanted to be able to market and sell these online between shows.
  • A central information site and a newsletter.
  • A blog to keep her followers informed of her shows
  • A shop to be able to sell items online between shows.

Jane Osborne

The Solution

An informative site that explains her services and markets her merchandise via a comprehensive eCommerce solution. Also includes a mailing list service and a blog for her followers to keep them updated about Jane’s shows and appearances.

  • An informative site with a newsletter facility.
  • A categorised blog to aid her followers and keep them up-to-date with her next appearances
  • A well laid out eCommerce store to sell Jane’s merchandise

Project Feature

Jane’s Shop

Jane needed to be able to market and sell her merchandise between shows. An eCommerce section was the obvious solution. It is already helping to drive up website visitor numbers. 

Jane Osborne Shop

Andy has been an invaluable support in creating and developing my website, by improving the profile of my business and increasing lead generation.  His technical knowledge is first-rate, as is his ability to communicate that knowledge in everyday layman’s terms and find practical, workable, solutions. It is very reassuring to know that he is just at the end of the phone if I need to make any changes.

Jane Osborne

Past Life Regressionist

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